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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Random Blog Thoughts from Master Blackwolf

Greetings, Mortals, etc.

Well, look who's as much into books as I am: no less than my dear friend and fellow Champion of the Imagination, the Naked Cowboy!

Apparently, ol' Naked reads about 6 or 7 hours a day..... literally becoming that which he reads. He's a staunch advocate of Ralph Waldo Emerson, it seems --- his vast poetry is a terrific inspiration for the work he does every time he hangs out at Times Square!

And to think the ladies take pictures of him merely for his good looks! Still, it does your Dragonmaster's heart good knowing that the Naked Cowboy is as much into reading as I am; this, my dear friends, is why a lot of us paid more attention to Macaulay Culkin's live action/animated epic, The Pagemaster, than those who trashed that film when it was released over 10 years ago! If there be Pagemaster fans out thither, come out and reveal yourselves! Hey, if ye've a Pagemaster fansite, I'll be more than happy to post thy address in me Dark Chambers!

So sweareth Master Blackwolf!