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Monday, July 07, 2008

Blackwolf Scandal Rant

Well, Mortals, here it starts --- again. C-Rod's dumpin' A-Rod, and she's blamin' Madonna; whilst the Material Girl is publicly saying that she and A-Rod are, quote-unquote, 'just friends.' Oh, please! Tell me another blarsted lie!

Now, my dears, you know why you'll never see your Dragonmaster hanging about with the paparazzi and all their idiotic shenanigans! Sleeping with him/her has always been, I suspect, the one real constant in the Multiverse. While I do plead guilty to watching all those Jerry Springer shows, their fight scenes especially, I will also tell you that what you do not know is that, even as I was laughing, I was studying the psychohistories of the various guests, including their love-lives, reasons for sleeping around, and so forth. Socioanalysis is a thing most Wizards have within their genes; most of our breed, Merlin especially, used that aspect of the study of Man to explore the many untold truths inherent within late 21st Century cultural society.

That said, know that scandal among superstars has been with us since the ability to create a photograph. What worries me, you see, is how far we are willing to go with all this nonsense. Are men pigs? Do women want to sleep around? These are not simple questions, even when posed by yours truly, a mere Mage!

Frankly, I, for one, cannot wait to read Chris Ciccone's upcoming tell-all bio about little sister. If any one person can slap M back into reality, who better than her brother to assume the challenge? Luckily, your Dragonmaster still has the hots for one particular wench. Never mind that she's a half-Elf. Milady Firiona Vie, delicious and ultra-sexy Princess of EverQuest, can rock this foolish old Wizard's world any bloomin' time she wants! Which is to say, rowl rowl!

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