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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blackwolfian Rant: Seacrest Wins!

Considering all that I've heard regarding Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, the time has at last come to acknowledge the inevitable: MTV is dead. Which is to say, it is no longer capable of upholding the principles inherent in its very name, Music Television. There is nothing that even closely resembles music television on MTV anymore. And while I never dreamed the day would come when I would have to do so, I fear I must now throw in ye olde towel and tell you Mortals that which you already know:

MTV is d-e-d. Put simply, my children: Long live Ryan Seacrest!

"Surely you can't throw in the towel that easily, Master Blackwolf?" I sense you asking with some impatience. Well, throw in the towel I must. When the media comes to the conclusion that the VMAs are simply no longer relevant in the music community, that is when you must learn to accept the inevitable. And for your Dragonmaster, that time has come. That said, know this: Congratulations, Seacrest! You win! There, I said it.

The point, of course, is that YouTube is now the one true ultimate power in music television. MTV, meanwhile, is no more than a mere shadow of its former self, a toy to be played with by that crotchety old fart Sumner Redstone. Ryan Seacrest has triumphed because his power to remain cool has become the most dominant species in early 21st-Century popular culture --- which is to say, Seacrest uber alles. And pray, get me not started re American Idol! The very idea of Ellen on Idol leads me to conclude that it'll be all about her now; the old Simon vs. Ryan arguments are getting old --- and frankly, the only people worth remembering from Idol are Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia, Clay, Jennifer, Bo, and (ick!) William Hung.

I'm fed up with MTV and its principles, kiddos, and I, for one, care not who knows it. The truth is, MTV is irrelevant in Generation iPod, and the sooner you Mortals figure it out the better it'll be for the bloomin' lot of us.

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Master Blackwolf