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Monday, April 12, 2010

Blackwolf Enters The Old World

Beethoven (Brett Estey). Amelia Earhart (Kim T. Ha). Ben Franklin (Alex Kristobek). Betsy Ross (Rebecca Herron). Emperor Nero (Robert Neal Marshall). Lizzie Borden (Kelley Slagle). Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme (Tina Segovia). Master Timothy Tate (Matt Anderson). Now, imagine these eight historical figures, plucked from the mists of time --- to go cruisin' in an RV driven by a guy named Dick (Kevin Finkelstein) ?

Welcome to The Old World, a Cavegirl Production in association with Catalyst Films for the 48 Hour Film Festival. Filmed entirely in the little community of Laurel, Maryland, this hilarious 7-minute, 26-second short shows us what would happen if these fugitives from history decided to get together and .... well, basically party. It's a great short; just don't bother looking for the website, because it ain't there. If it's on YouTube, try to look for it there.