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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reassuming Control (or, @ Least, Making the Attempt)

The battle for control. All through history, those four words have been at the core of every adventure one can name, for these same four words are symbolic of the ongoing struggle between Good and Evil. What, then, has all this to do with the likes of Blackwolf the Dragonmaster? Plenty, considering that I can, for now, once more maintain the version of my Dark Chambers which I developed for MySpace. Know, please, that there was a certain degree of controversy that caused agita among a few who dared visit the Apple Stores New York, and were unable to access MySpace via Safari. The very words "Failed to open page" do tend to cause me much ferocity, but there are still several friends there, not to mention e-mails, that I have been unable to properly deal with!

That, of course, includes dearest Lordi, who is just finishing up a monster tour --- oh twaddle, I shouldn't have said that! (Knowing Mr. Lordi, methinks he would have banished me to his dungeons for so much as thinking that!) As I've been grumbling, their new album isn't due until October (Damn!), and while all this nonsense is going on, I'm trying to stay bloomin' awake, just long enough to do Sterling Forest this weekend!

Struggling to maintain control is not an easy task, even for New York's Unofficial Wizard. I mean, c'mon: America faces an uncertain future with a new, untried President yet to be chosen, meanwhile, the rest of the world is still yelling, screaming, and pretty much misbehaving in general. There are just some days where I just don't feel like feeling me oats; today, regrettably, happens to be one of those days.

Master Blackwolf