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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's Guest Blogger: Stoick the Vast!

Greetings, Viking lovers, from the Island of Berk! Stoick the Vast, Chieftain of the Hairy Hooligans here! Hey, guess who decided to invade the previously nice and quiet worlds of DVD and Blu-ray! That would be us --- the gang from DreamWorks Animation's How to Train Your Dragon --- my son Hiccup, his loyal Dragon steed Toothless, my old pal (and Hiccup's teacher/mentor) Gobber the Belch .... and all the rest of us proud-hearted Vikings are gonna take over the world of DVD and Blu-ray this Friday --- and we want you to be in on it all! So I'm guest-blogging in Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's Diary of Magecraft to let you all know. And I almost forgot: We're gonna join Cartoon Network's regular primetime lineup next year, too, because we knew you wanted to come back and pillage with us every week! Don't you despair, Junior Hooligans --- we're comin' fer ya!

I guess Shrek Forever After won't hit the video stores until before or after Christmas. Who knows? Still, we're all proud of the big green lug. Were it not for him, DreamWorks Animation wouldn't have shot its way into the stratosphere in the first place. Our next journey into the weird is Megamind, and that'll be in theatres November 5th. Boy, there's gonna be a whole lot of crazy things happening before Puss in Boots gets his turn in the spotlight! Well, all this old Viking can say is --- stay tuned! And while you're at it, say hello to those burly beasties who are hungrier than us --- Tony Swatton's Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings! They'll learn you a thing or four about what it means to plunder and pillage ... for the greater glory of your belly!

(Oh yeah, did I mention the Diary of Magecraft will soon hit the 600-missive mark?)

Happy head-bashing, Viking fans!

Best wishes,

Stoick the Vast