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Friday, February 02, 2007

Blackwolf's Pre-Super Bowl Rant, with other Matters of Interest

Oh twaddle! While I'm battling the slings and arrows of what's happening next in the Potterverse, I have somehow forgotten that today is Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA; I, for one, had no idea that they had, among other things in their Schedule of Events, the Crowning of the Groundhog King and Queen! Nonetheless, this is the last decent sane missive in the ol' Diary of Magecraft before the monster which is Super Bowl XLI is unleash'd 'pon the Planet!

Which reminds me: I, frankly, am sick and tired of unlicensed stores, merchants, etc. referring to certain annual sporting events as "the Big Game." There is nothing big about this particular game; the ostensible purpose of the Super Bowl is to determine the Championship of the National Football League. By a similar token, I wish you Mortals would stop referring to that other annoying annual piece of sports drivel, the one you call March Madness, as "the Big Game." Call it what it is --- the NCAA Men's Division 1 College Basketball Championship --- and be done with it!

OK, Master Blackwolf, I hear you asking, why in Merlin's name are you so bitter about all these things? Because I'm having Jim Nantz nightmares, that's why! I find it disconcerting, incredibly torturous and --- dare I say it! --- quite inhumane that I have to listen to Jim Nantz on CBS Sports for ---- oh, about the next three or so months. The Super Bowl, the Men's Division 1 Championships, and of course The Masters Golf Tournament --- in short, dearies, nonstop Nantz! In fact, I suspect that some of you lovely ladies out there think he's so hunky, you've practically put online tributes to the guy everywhere. (As ever, nothing surprises your Dragonmaster anymore.)

Anywho, you know where to find me if you feel like responding, or, at the very least, if you'd like to yell at me with your own opinions: or

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