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Friday, June 11, 2010

Further Progress Report on Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard

Well, Mortals, if we can just possibly forget the silliness and controversy of this past Wednesday, and if Mother Nature decides to behave --- which may not be the case on Sunday, in which case I shall have to wreak foul and mighty vengeance 'pon the Multiverse what dumped me hither --- your humble Dragonmaster would like to take this time to offer you lot a progress report on my feature-length documentary, Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard, an Electric Pirates Pictures/Eternal Damnation Production of a Film by Stephen Steinberg.

Stephen has answered my Saturday summons (Huzzah!), and we should be able to squeeze in a morning call or two at Bethesda Fountain upon the morrow. Now, our next scheduled segment to be filmed is Coney Island's 28th Annual Mermaid Parade; one can always count on dear Dick Zigun to present the strange, the bizarre, the unexpected --- and never more so than in his choice for this year's King Neptune and Queen Mermaid, blues legend Lou Reed and his wife, technoviolinist and avant-garde performance artist Laurie Anderson.

Lou and Laurie arrive at Coney direct from the successful Sydney Opera House world premiere performance of Laurie's rather howlish 20-minute work, Music for Dogs; though I must take Laurie to task because we Humans here in the States didn't get to hear it (or not hear it, as the case may be) first; I suspect, however, that someone had the good sense to observe the recital and put it on YouTube, in which case, do e-mail me and let me know. As for your Dragonmaster, myself, Stephen and our boom dude Orlando will be in the company of dear Debbie D. The Brown-hair'd Mermaid will, no doubt, have me and her Philadelphia and New Jersey colleagues pushing that rickety wooden float of hers along the Parade route --- with her on it! For those of you not in ye know, Debbie D and I were, and remain, loyal colleagues of mighty Thor the Barbarian; we've been the nucleus of Thor's television show since 2000. We still contact each other a decade later, and are still trying to come together to film --- well, anything!

As soon as I can clear up a few things, domestic, scheduling, and otherwise when we wrap up shooting this segment --- well, let me put it thusly: THOU ART NEXT, SHIRE OF STERLING!

Master Blackwolf