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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Grammy Grumbles

Yes, your Dragonmaster is still bitter about the Grammy Awards thing. Losing to another comedy album is one thing, but getting your butt handed to you by a comedy audiobook --- that's not a very good way to get on Master Blackwolf's nice side! I trust the dum-dums from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart get me drift.

Master Richard, too, used to rant about the Grammy Awards. He did not believe that the classical music portion was going to be paid proper attention to, and, accordingly, he created The Lennys: The Leonard Samuels Awards for Excellence in Classical Music. Leonard Samuels, for those of you who were wondering, was the bushily-bearded Merlin-in-residence of the Cleveland Orchestra's first-violin section; until his death in August 1995, a week prior to his retirement, Master Richard occasionally wrote Leonard letters about anything and everything he could think of that was closely related to the classical music community.

Alas, despite thinking out the project and developing it in detail, Master Richard never followed through with his plans for the Lenny Awards. Damn! The idea would have been nice, though, if the Cleveland Orchestra had bothered to support it. But I guess one cannot expect everything, huh? Ah, me.

Anyway, tune to the damn awards if you want to. The same ol' boring musical artists you'll probably destroy your ears over on your damn bloody iPod will be out there. God, snoozefest awards shows drive this old Wizard up the wall!

Master Blackwolf