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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's Guest Blogger: Santa Claus!


Greetings, Christmas fans! Santa Claus here!

Well, my schedule is pretty much cast in stone between now and next July: parades in New York, Chicago, Hollywood, El Cajon, California, Detroit, Philadelphia --- and in between, I got the National Christmas Tree to light up (and this year, WETA/Washington, D.C. is musclin' in on C-Span's act and re-staging the thing as an hour-long PBS special [Damn pledge drive nonsense!]!).

And as if that's not weird enough, Macy*s has me hopping on a bus to visit 25 cities in 25 days for this National Believe Day Tour; and then, I have a few days off before I do CNN's Larry King Live. After that, I network with my NORAD team in Colorado Springs; followed by another couple days off so I can let the Rose Bowl people do their thing..... and finally, two big off-season parties, one in Anaheim, California, the other in Gatlinburg, Tennessee ---- and by the time I'm ready to call it a day once and for all, it'll be time to worry about Bakken in Denmark again --- because that's the 2010 World Santa Claus Congress!

Boy, there's still no rest for this Jolly Old Elf! (Whew!) I just hope I have enough time this season to make sense of it all! In the meantime, as always.....


Forever and always,