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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Adventure, thy name, as ever, is Blackwolf! Some Rainy-Day Thoughts

Well, Mortals, here we go with another stellar entry in my Diary of Magecraft!

Before we get started, though, I need to say some very nice words about His Eastern Majesty, King Darius III! We've spoken to each other on the phone several times; he has told me a few wondrous stories from his regal experiences. He and his Queen, Roxanne, have had quite a ball ruling the SCA's Eastern Kingdom; I shall weep when their current reign comes to an end. Why? you ask. Well, friendship always counts when you find yourself face-to-face with someone you consider to be very special; and King Darius fills that bill, and then some! Long live King Darius and Queen Roxanne! Big. loving hugs! Huzzah!

Well, even though King Henry the Red of Shiabruck had to postpone his journey to Fort Tryon at the last minute, I humbly accepted his request for my forgiveness, and suggested we try it again sometime in the weeks to come, or, failing that, next spring. King Henry is a fine old monarch; I just hope his Court will be just as kind and adventurous!

It has been a rainy and dangerous weekend. Columbus Day has come and gone, and at least Chris and Renae Peterson paid me a cool $200 for my services (my first paying gig as Blackwolf, don't you know!). Alas, the kids who were supposed to show up never did [Blarst ye, Mother Nature!]; and, as usual, I ended up being 'Mr. Too-Early' yet again.... but hey, at least I managed to give the Petersons their own copies of Triumph's Come Poop w/Me album ---- look, the idea was that it was Chris' birthday, OK? Oh yeah, there was panic in the subways, too, compliments of a report received by our Police Commissioner --- which they ultimately could not verify, the sillies! Next time, O New York's Finest, give a Mage fair warning if ye plan on driving me bonkers like that!

Finally, I have to go to King Neptune's palace in a while, so that I can listen to His Oceanic Majesty gloat in me face --- again --- about how horrible our New York Yankees really are. I do so, however, taking comfort in one thing: Fox Sports' League Championship and World Series coverage is going to SO suck! The twits at 1211 Avenue of the Americas wanted a Yankees-Red Sox ALCS! Well, they ain't gettin' their wish, and I, for one, couldn't be happier! (Evil sneer! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!!!!!)

Well, that's it from here for the moment. Now I have to go prepare for the Halloween Parade; and, from there, my November 3rd Town Hall gig with the fresh hound. More to tell anon!

Master Blackwolf