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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dispatch from Dun Morogh and Ironforge, with His Majesty King Magni Bronzebeard!

Greetings, World of WarCraft fans, from the Realms of Dun Morogh and Ironforge! King Magni Bronzebeard here, welcoming you to my totally awesome Throne Room, from whence I get the chance to play it cool, whilst I clue you Human dudes and dudettes in as to the excellent happenings here at Blizzard Entertainment/Activision Blizzard Headquarters, here in beautiful, downtown Irvine, California!

I'm deviatin' from my usual routine today because tonight our pals at Nickelodeon have some big doin's they wanted me to clue you in on: the 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards, comin' at ya LIVE from Pauley Pavilion, on the campus of UCLA! The KCA's, as they're called for short, celebrate the year's biggest and best achievements in TV, videogames, animation, music video and movies --- as chosen by the viewers of Nick and its sister networks, Nick Jr., TeenNick and Nicktoons!

There's a major first and a major last that you need to know about too: starting with this year's show, hosted by Kevin James, viewers of Nick in Canada get to check out the party as well. That's the major first. The major last is that this is gonna be the last KCA show at Pauley Pavilion, because the arena will be undergoing reconstruction once everybody's outta there starting late this September.

OK, so we here in the World aren't up for Favorite Video Game, but we do give our props to those who did get nominated; we know they're gonna have a blast saying what a thrill it was winnin'! In the meantime, though, there's a lot here in Azeroth to keep us pretty busy --- starting with BlizzCon 2010, October 22nd and 23rd at the Anaheim, California Convention Center! You know how it works: Q&A panels with members of the Blizzard team, live hands-on gameplay, competitive and casual tournaments, exclusive stuff for sale, a gallery of art work partly from the designers and partly from you the fans --- and, of course, a kick-ass band to help us make all the noise we want until the LAPD shuts us down!

And yeah, like our happenin' host, Master Blackwolf, we're down with Hiccup and Toothless and the crew! How to Train Your Dragon has the best Dragons, the toughest Vikings, and the neatest words of wisdom you could ever get outta the DreamWorks team! Besides, it'll give you Shrek fans something to do until Shrek: Forever After shows up!

Well, I gotta start gettin' my hands dirty! It's called Ironforge for a reason, y'know! Catch ya later, Dwarf-lovin' dudes and dudettes!