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Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's Guest Blogger: St. Patrick (well, who else?)!

Thank you, Master Blackwolf, for all you've done on me Day this day. And to you, Good People, my greetings and many thanks for your many tributes. Indeed, as I write this, those tributes keep comin' in, not just from New York and from Dublin proper, but from places as diverse as Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Lexington and Loiusville, Kentucky; Chicago, Los Angeles; Branson and Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City and MacPherson, Kansas; Honolulu, Hawaii; Sydney, Australia; London, England; Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg and Dusseldorf in Germany --- in short, every place on Earth where folks just want to be Irish for a day!

So, what is there left for me to do today? Hmmm.... I could check out YouTube and see what Bagpipe Bands are honkin' and bangin' up during the various Parade celebratin' yours truly; or else, I could just visit that strange page the folks in Gatlinburg, Tennessee have put together ---! I hear they've got a scheme where me Brother Saint, Nicholas --- a/k/a Santa Claus --- wants to have me join him for a double superstar Parade on March 17th, 2009! A challenge I'll be more than happy to accept! In fact, I've been reading that companion blog of theirs that provides visitors with the latest on their plans! Methinks they've got a great idea!

But then, as always, there's my big New York Parade to grumble about --- and 66 bagpipe bands to listen to! Sixty-six! That's what Dolby Stereo can sometimes do to an auld Saint like me, y'know! In any case, thank you all for your kind words this year --- and I look forward to giving you all that good Irish stuff next year! Till then, Lang may yer lum reek! ("Long may ye thrive!")

Bennachthai na Feile --- well, me!

Yers aye,