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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2008: The Countdown Continues........

By Merlin's beard, what a difference an extended, 45-minute shower makes, my dear children! When I signed off from the Diary yesterday, I was probably the groggiest, most exhausted Mage in the cosmos! Well, now I'm back to feeling me Wizardly oats, and I think I'm squeaky clean enough to impress you, my faithful fans! Look, kids, this is the Academy Awards we're dealing with here; and yet, why do I suspect that the goodlies from YouTube will be on ye case with their own coverage of Hollywood's Biggest Night?

Nonetheless, as always, when I get back to you all about this on Monday, you're gonna get it all --- the speeches, the announcer(s), the commercials, all three musical numbers, Jon Stewart's monologue, all the presenters, the package shorts, the Oscar Necrology --- every aspect of the live telecast explored in every detail, with not one stone left unturn'd! And it's only the third (or is it fourth?) year that I've done this..... so I think you Mortals will be in for quite a blow-by-blow analysis, says I!

Prepare thyselves, my friends! This Oscar Night will be the strangest, most controversial night of them all --- and only ONE Wizard will dare to go the distance to bring it to you: twisted, remarkably silly little ol' me! As ever, be ye thither!

Master Blackwolf