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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Of an Inauguration and Other Significant Events

And so, dear goodlies, we come to a rather wild and zany week: the 55th Presidential Inauguration, the first since 9/11, will be seeing the light of day this Thursday --- and there will be a primary degree of representatives who dared survive 9/11 proper. In this case, I refer to the Men of the Massed Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Societies of the FDNY and NYPD (please be aware of their separate websites; the FDNY Emerald Society Bagpipe Band is located hither:; whereas the NYPD Emeralds do their blasting and banging at Of course, my dear friend, Pipe Major Fergus MacAndrich Lochinvar Gordon (Retired), guardian spirit of Scottish Highland Games and bagpipe fans everywhere, may be found hither:

What causes this foolish old beetlehead to wax poetic on the President's Inauguration is that there will, despite everything, still be angry Mortals who hate the idea that ol' Dubya is once more prepared to defend our country his way. Blarst these foolish Mortals! When last I consulted the various documents of record, there was, I recall, a reason they call us the UNITED States of America! By Merlin's beard, there is constantly a thirst for non-stop anarchy in this country ---and I, for one, begin to grow increasingly annoyed by it! It's not enough that we're not properly focused; it seems to me that we're missing the overall point, that point being that Osama and company still want Americans to bend unto their will. We won't, and they know it. Yet the problem is that they will stop at nothing to get their evil message across, and if they're not stopped NOW, we will indeed fall back into the Dark Ages!

The thing is, we won't let ourselves fall back into the Dark Ages, and, again, they know it. And I should like to go on record as saying that I will stand for the Stars and Stripes for as long as I can until there are no more battles to be won or even lost. The Quest, as ever, is to survive...... Can I survive, and still maintain my dignity as a Wizard and as a person? And then, of course, dear readers, there's you. You obviously will see me Diary of Magecraft and wonder why ol' Blackwolf is on yet another of his damn-fool rantings about nothing in particular. Look, do you want Seinfeld, or do you want the 4800-year-old Wizard?

Frankly, Mortals, there's a lot for this foolish Wizard to juggle: the Academy Award Nominations; the Grammy Awards (particularly, the nomination the fresh hound got for Best Comedy Album); the horror that IS Super Bowl XXXIX; the coming of Star Wars Episode III; Oscar Night itself --- oh, I could go on and on and on! How can one Mage dare to rise above it all? I ask ye!

Well, I could blog at you until I'm blue in the face (chances are, I'm already there even now!), but I'm beginning to like this, so I think at this point, I shall stop. Life's too short to drive a Planet bonkers; I already lose enough sleep as it is driving the denizens of Manhattan bonkers. Which, of course, is another reason for me to come right out and say:


Fearlessly yours, as ever,

Master Blackwolf