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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Missive #460

Greetings to you all again, Mortals!

Well, here we are at Missive #460 in this, my fabulous Diary of Magecraft --- putting ol' Blackwolf a few steps or so closer to Missive #500! So, I hope you had fun reading King Neptune's comments. Maybe now the Yankees will stop yelling about how they're still the best expletive deleted baseball team in the world, and let this foolish old goat --- that would be me --- go back to sleep!

Meanwhile, as I'm sure most of you know, my Mortal-born alter ego, Master Richard, has had to have a bit of surgery done on his eyelid. Let me tell you the lad survived said surgery, even if little if any anaesthesia was administered to him. The next few weeks and months, however, will have a profound impact on Master Richard's well-being; there may be some interference with one or two of the lad's plans for the month. So I must ask for your indulgence and your patience, even as I assist the boy in administering to his well-being.

And to my fellow Champions of the Imagination:

Thor, Thoth, Ryleh, Bunnyman, Clisto, Merdwin, Raymond --- and yes, you, too, Naked Cowboy: I've not forgotten any of you. You need only know that this foolish old Mage is back in ye olde saddle --- somewhat --- and shall be cooling it for the balance of the winter, until I've had my face properly restored to its former glory. And please, dearest Raymond, update your Royal Bookmarks, for GeoCities lives no more! You may now bug me by visiting!

Well, enough nonsense! There's a lot for me to do --- and hopefully, I can do it before the end of the year! Do let's get on with it!

Master Blackwolf

From His Oceanic Majesty, King Neptune:

Greetings, Surface-dwellers! Neptunus Rex, King of the Oceans here --- and, needless to say, my gloatfest of old is over! No doubt your beloved New York Yankees have granted your every wish, and therefore, as of last night, have secured their sought-after 27th World Championship! Aargh!

As you can pretty much imagine, I have had to adapt my normal Neptunish regalia, trusty trident and all, to reflect the said Championship. Doubtless Blackwolf the Dragonmaster is a happy camper as far as that goes .... oh, waitaminnit, I forgot: the Mage of Talisker is worrying about that young Surface-dweller who purports to be his alter ego. I hear he went in for some sort of fixer-upper on his face, or so Blackwolf said....

Ah, who am I kiddin'? Let's tell the truth here. Even I, King Neptune, found myself cheering those Bronx Bombers on. Who am I, then, to deny that lot their well-earn'd happy ending? All is forgiven, therefore! Bygones are thus declared bygones! Besides, I'm losing enough sleep as it is with expletive deleted Al Gore writing another book about global warming. Could someone please get some people together over at Warner Bros. Studios and do Time Warner Presents the Earth Day Special 2? Next spring would be preferable.

Oh, well... see you guys at the Maine Lobster Festival next August! Either that, or else maybe with my Royal Court in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida at Gasparilla in February!

Best of love,

Neptunus Rex, King of the Oceans