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Thursday, April 01, 2010

More of the Blossoming of Imperials!

Again, please permit your Dragonmaster the indulgence of celebrating this, the first official week in the reign of Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties, Emperor XIX Jack (Johannes), the Platinum Emperor of Justice, Understanding, Sincerity and Tolerance; and Empress XXIV Farrah Moans, the Temptress Empress, of the Imperial Court of New York! And since obviously you Mortals are asking me who in Merlin's name they are, methinks these details, taken straight from, will, 'twill be obvious, clue ye goodly gentles in:

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Emperor XIX Jack (Johannes), the Platinum Emperor of Justice, Understanding, Sincerity and Tolerance:

Over the years, the Imperial Court System has grown under the dedicated leadership of its Monarchs, members and supporters. All have had the insight, fortitude and perserverance to make this unique organization into the force that it is today. Great care has been taken to ensure the future destiny of this prestigious group. Looking towards the future, Jack aspires to be a part of this great legacy as we embark upon a brand-new beginning in 2010.

The Imperial Court System doesn't just stand for costumes, glamour and fun. It also stands for HARD WORK, dedication, thoughtfulness, and the simple act of giving. It also means thinking about others and giving them the chance to experience, if only for at least a few moments, a sense of joy and inspiration, as well as a little less pain, fear and worry. The Imperial Court of New York is only one part of this wonderful organization; and Jack is very proud indeed to be part of this wondrous family of dedicated and inspired people.

As a member of the Imperial Court of New York for the last seven years, Jack has enriched the organization with his many life experiences, first providing help in decoration and then volunteering in assorted other areas as each new challenge arose. Always eager to lend a helping hand, Jack has previously served as a member of such leading organizations as Rotary International, Make a Child Smile, and the Margaret Rose Kennedy Foundation --- reaching out to the world and opening its eyes to the noble causes celebrated by these and other organiztions. Now that he has assumed the Emperor's Throne, His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty invites his new subjects to aid him in raising the vital funds for the organizations which the Imperial Court of New York supports.

Jack has spent the past quarter-century owning his own businesses, reaching various worldwide levels of fundraising and event coordination. He was involved in various events at the White House at the time of Jimmy Carter's Presidency, and has since continued as a contributor to various White House social activities. Several of Jack's own designs have even enhanced the floats and displays of Pasadena, California's world-renowned Tournament of Roses Parade.

The Emperor hopes to elevate his new Realm to probably the highest possible levels of achievement over the course of his year-long rule. As the Platinum Emperor of Justice, Understanding, Sincerity and Tolerance, Emperor XIX Jack will certainly bring a unique blend of those four qualities to benefit everyone who encounters the Imperials of the Imperial Court of New York.

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Empress XXIV Farrah Moans, the Temptress Empress:

If you've ever wondered exactly what would make Farrah moan, remember Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty's favorite expression: "Never underestimate the power of a rhinestone!"

Dressing up for Farrah has been a lifelong pursuit, starting at the tender age of six months, thanks to her then babysitter, who saw something within her from the very beginning. Yet it was not until five short years ago, when Farrah first joined the Imperial Court of New York, that she first discovered her name. It happened while she was reading about the naked African mole rat, which dwells in colonies where the chosen Queen secretes pheromones in places where other females eat and sleep, rendering them completely sterile. Through this process, the Queen is left alone to selectively mate with the male. Enjoy your dinner, dearests!

Shortly after attending culinary school in Portland, Oregon, Farrah moved to New York at age 19. For her first five years in the Big Apple, she worked in catering, party planning and arranging, and floral design as a top manager for the Ford Foundation, CYMA Watches and Sequoia Jewelry. These days, she soldiers faithfully as an assistant to critically-acclaimed watch and jewelry designer Lawrence Vrba. Farrah's also been involved in film and television, citing among her credits such films as Laws of Attraction, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Bamboozled and Stonewall: The Movie. She's also been featured in commercials for IBM, and Paramount Pictures; and most recently appeared on ABC Daytime's One Life to Live, and on Lifetime's Project Runway.

Like many LGBT youths, Farrah while a child faced discrimination and abuse from her peers and her church. In her young adulthood, she was the victim of sexual abuse, gay-bashing at the hands of skinheads, and eventually found herself struggling with substance abuse. Yet with loving help and compassion provided by a strong, understanding community of LGBTQers, she generated the strength within her to march forward as a leading activist. Now, as Empress of the Imperial Court, Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty has resolved to reach out to all LGBTQ youth who themselves are seeking out a supportive environment. She's made the commitment to helping them express who they truly are, and to enriching their community and its people. Farrah is even spearheading new online-only events that can increase vital donations for all ICNY beneficiaries.

So the Temptress Empress looks forward to enjoying some excellent good times in the year ahead with her Consort, Emperor Jack, along with the rest of the Imperial Court System --- and you, her newfound subjects, whom she herewith invites to c'mon out and help her put the raising in fundraising! (Nudge nudge, wink wink!)

And that invitation your humble Dragonmaster will definitely accept with honor; besides, for all the secrets of Magecraft that he wielded across the aeons, even our Exalted Father Merlin had this .... er, thing, if thou wouldst, about giving something back. While it's true he never did discuss such matters in full with King Arthur, one can surmise that Merlin was as staunch a supporter of ye olde do-unto-others routine as much as the next Mage that dared cross the street!

Regardless, I look forward to saying a personal hello to Jack and Farrah this coming Sunday at the Easter Promenade on Fifth Avenue. May the radiance of the Forces of Niceness encircle them both in their just-beginning reign! Huzzah! and hurrah!

Of the Blossoming of Imperials!

Greetings, April Foolers! There'll be time in a moment for me to indulge in pranks, but first your Dragonmaster has Royalty to salute here. Please, my dearests, commend thy attention before the Thrones of Their Most Sovereign Imperial Majesties, Emperor XIX Jack (Johannes) --- the Platinum Emperor of Justice, Understanding, Sincerity and Tolerance (four of your Dragonmaster's favorite words, I hasten to add!) --- and Empress XXIV Farrah Moans --- the Temptress Empress --- of the Imperial Court of New York! Huzzah!

Their reign began last Saturday evening, upon the stroke of midnight, when their Coronation brought a happy ending to the Court's 24th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns Charity Ball, Dinner Dance and Silent Auction, staged in the Broadway Ballroom of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square, and benefitting God's Love We Deliver and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. And now that Their Imperial Majesties are enjoying their first full week on their Thrones, your Dragonmaster, as is his tradition, now looks forward to greeting the two in person during Sunday morning's Easter Promenade on Fifth Avenue. As you know, this time-honored rite of the passage of spring represents my first official public appearance of the New Year, when I get to properly wiggle my legendary toesies in my authentically genuine Wizardly fashion. (As usual, I do hope the Imperials will be nice. I'm sure Jack and Farrah will be quite surprised to encounter a Wizard in their presence; my impression is, I think, that I might not know what to make of them inasmuch as they might not know what to make of me. I only hope the outcome proves a happy one.)

Now then, as to ol' Blackwolf indulging in the commission of practical jokes and pranks: I limit me Wizardly personage to things one might classify as silly and/or ticklish! So no performance of pranks that would do potential damage to my bodily functions, please; Magic-users are sensitive, you know, and very fiery when provoked!