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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some Things for My Fans to Know

A few moments ago, I submitted my last "Site of the Issue" column to the Fellowship of the Black Spot's Ink Blot Newsletter, which will cease publication with its November/December issue. The reasons for this are clear: Dave Flemming, our Newsletter's boss, had long vowed to cease publishing the Blot if membership go below 25. Alas, that is precisely what has happened. The gaming world and everything in it are changing, and there is now, I fear, no longer any room for a newsletter of the limited quality that Dave had to endure. And financially, as well, the situation had become much too exorbitant.

Still, it was a joy --- if only for a short time --- to be able to scribble for a publication that sought to cover the finest in gaming news and information. Now, your humble Dragonmaster is free to let loose the awesome scribblings planted in me Wizardly brain as I would wish to do. Starting, edless to say, with my good ol' home Renaissance Faire --- Sterling Forest! Elizabeth I, Queen of all England (alias Ann Alford) has not seen me in a while; and I mean to bow properly before her Royal Presence by the end of this August; otherwise, I can wait until September!

And those of you who've been wondering, I have been battling the sniffles for a skosh or two; indeed, even as I type, I'm wielding my trusty hankie (Snort!!!). A good blowing of the nose will always do an old Mage like me good; I just hope I'll be wel enough to keep myself properly sensible!

Master Blackwolf