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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Blackwolfian Rant: What the Expletive Deleted is Bloomin' Wrong with this Crazy Place, Anyway?

Y'know, kids, there would have been so much to tell you goodly gentles about concerning that which truly matters were it not for one simple truth:

As usual, there are forces at work determined to keep a great many of us from cherishing the wonders of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And even I, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, find meself at a loss to keep up with stuff. Doubtless I've been listening quite a lot to Mark Levin; as you know, he and I are at best the ONLY entities around here who even bother to so much as get it!

First of all, let's understand once more: the fantasy of this present President is over. His failures thus far have become so much dominant in the news that I have resigned meself to the fact that unless the Democrats and Republicans stop indulging in their respective fantasies which --- or so they would have us all believing --- might help us to rescue our own Nation, we will have indeed fallen prey to our own inner forces of doubt.

And as you all know, I've spent much time battling the forces of doubt, so that good honest common sense can prevail. But lately, good honest common sense has been besieged, and by forces that not even ONE Wizard can properly comprehend. These, then, are the things that make me wonder if the world is worth defending anymore these days.

In those times, then, I count on hope. REAL hope.

May I elaborate? Indeed I shall: Human hope. The hope that dwells within our own secret hearts --- giving of our talents, learning how to stand up and fight for our beliefs, no matter what. Taking on whatever challenge comes your way, and knowing you can make the most of it. And especially, believing in something far, far greater than yourself. I have espoused those values for as long as I've been Dragonmaster, by Merlin's beard --- and it's high time I reminded you all of that.

And now I think I just have. So, what trouble can foolish ol' Blackwolf get into next, I wonder? Hmmmm......