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Thursday, May 12, 2005

When the Pressure's On.....

Well, now that I finally have a few spare moments, I can finally do some decent grumbling here in the ol' Diary of Magecraft --- and the grumbling I plan to do has to do with the moron now calling himself Mayor of the City of New York! More often than not, I have laughed at Michael R. Bloomberg when the occasion has demanded --- but lately his attitudes as shown by his public statements have not inspired your humble Dragonmaster to be encouraged by his demeanor.

Look, Mortals, I'll lay it on ye line for ye: Here we are, close to four years after 9/11, and despite the pomp and ceremony to the contrary, NOTHING has been done at Ground Zero. Read me lips here: NOTHING! And it becomes increasingly apparent to me that nothing will continue to be done as long as these imbeciles remain in public office. I'm as fed up about this as you are, my fellow New Yorkers; and when push comes to shove, as it is obviously doing in this case, there comes a time, dear friends, when you must let the Planet in general know how mad as hell you are, and, come to that, how determined you are not to take it anymore.

And that, in a nutshell, is the attitude I face. Bottom line, goodly gentles: LOSE 'EM ALL! (And by that, I strictly mean vote them all out of office, thank you! I'm a far more civilized Wizard than you Mortals would otherwise imagine!) Pataki, Bloomberg, the Police and Fire Commissioners, the City Council Speaker --- all of them! It's time, my friends, to stand up and make the case for Rebellion! These fools are little more than ego-obsessed publicity hounds who will only say everything that the media expects them to say, and then sit back as we, the lowly citizens, are made to take all their lies! Well, there's a time to say: ENOUGH!

And, alas, even though I know I shall hate myself for even saying this, I fear we will not so much as come close to winning the right to host the 2012 Olympics. The recent incidents of bickering between the NYPD and the FDNY, the obsessive greed of the Dolan family for the right to keep their precious Madison Square Garden the so-called "World's Most Famous Arena," and the all too obvious arrogance of our Mayor, to say nothing of his obsession with that proposed stadium for the New York Jets --- these, I believe, are the reasons why NYC2012 may yet be doomed!

We New Yorkers, as a rule, are assholes. And we know it. I wonder, then, if this City can if fact put on its assholish attitude before the eyes of the entire civilized world for a mammoth 16-day period. What will the cost be in terms of logistics? In terms of venues? In terms of television rights? In terms of pretty much everything? Hard questions for even Blackwolf the Dragonmaster to pose; yet I pose them because no one else on Earth will do so!

In more than one sense, then, it is good that this Diary of Magecraft is, in effect, me official blog --- because it allows me to show you a side of me Wizardly person the website and the public appearances won't allow me to show you. Besides, being raw in cyberspace is much better than having your head bashed in (literally)!

More next time, my beloved Mortals!

As ever, yada, yada, yada,

Master Blackwolf