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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Last Nasty Person

Well, those of you who haven't heard by now, has reported that Enron Founder Kenneth Lay, on the verge of being sentenced to life without parole for cooking up perhaps one of the most sprawling business frauds in modern American history, has died while on vacation in Colorado. He was 64, lived in Houston, and had been scheduled to be sentenced on October 23rd.

Well, here be your Dragonmaster's two cents re l'affaire Enron:

There's a sort of poetic justice about Kenny Boy unexpectedly keeling over like that. Indeed, methinks I would go so far as to describe the lout as "the last nasty person" --- the one who would suffer the ultimate consequences of his actions for all the lies he had ever told. What one needs to remember here, people, is that liars will usually get talked about, insulted, or, as I'm sure is happening right now, blogged about. Like I'm doing right now. (Heh-heh!) In any case, the death of Ken Lay brings to its final close the saga of the company that had everything until the two men at the top decided that stupidity was more sane than telling the truth.

If, then, stupidity is saner than telling the truth, why did the central song from the movie Ishtar remind us how truth-telling can sometimes be dangerous? And come to that, why admit that you were willing to tell the truth in the first place?

Through all my journeys as a Wizard, I have long been confronted by all sorts of unexplained questions. This story, no doubt, suggests yet another one.

As ever, America, I wanna know your stand on this. Gimme an e-mail at either or

Master Blackwolf