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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally, things are going this ol' Dragonmaster's way!

What a joy it was, doing the Easter Parade earlier this week! As usual, the Royals of the Imperial Court of New York never fail to have fun with their loyal subjects! As it turns out, Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties, Emperor XVIII Antonius Monteleone and Empress XXIII Anne Tique are veterans of their Empire, having previously assumed the Thrones before, Anne reigning with Chesterus in 1999; Antonius reigning with Robin Kradles in 2005. This, then, is the first time two Imperial veterans have ruled the Imperial Court on their second ascendancy unto their Thrones! Huzzah!

And I may just do AIDS Walk New York next month after all, if only to give me poor, dear toesies a major dose of ouchie; and (I hope!) to say hello to Their Imperial Majesties once again! Besides, I have further issued them an invitation to join me in October when I make my last official public appearance at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. October 31st being a Saturday night in 2009, it should be fun --- but alas, I'll be both in costume and in character for most of the day, and (drat!) I shall very likely have no place to log on. As you know, your Dragonmaster has been disrespected by the twits at all three Manhattan Apple Stores; methinks that the fools instigated the notion that the 'customers' can only hang around for 30minutes --- a policy I refuse to tolerate! And you'd refuse to tolerate it, too, were you responsible for the maintenance of no fewer than 10 websites! That, my dears, is a job for Superman; and I'm sure you don't see me wearing the bloomin' S shield on me belly, now, do you?

Meanwhile, Master Richard has prepared --- or, more accurately, will shortly finish up --- a very wondrous 25th Anniversary commemorative Coat of Arms for the Medieval Festival @ Fort Tryon Park on October 4th; sooner or later, I shall have to e-mail His Majesty, King Tiberias of Jerusalem and let him know of my present status! (I will admit, though, that His Majesty of Jerusalem didst give me quite the hoot when he dared nickname himself 'T-Rex.' If I've learned anything in my journeys, it is this: you dare not refer to a King as a dinosaur in the Royal Presence! It simply isn't allowed!

As for Lordi and fiends, they're in Osaka, Japan at the moment, howling their melodies of mortality (pray, spread it not around, but of all the tracks on the Monstericans' Deadache album, my personal favorite is --- and I'm sure most of you maidens will want my head for even making this revelation! --- Girls Go Chopping (for Revenge!). Look ye, O Byg Appyl, do you want your Unofficial Wizard to be sensible, or do you want me to remain my sexy, lovable, twisted self, eh?).

Well, enough nonsense. I've blogged enough today! See you out there at Bethesda Fountain upon the morrow!

Master Blackwolf