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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

King Robert Baratheon Guest-Blogs Again!

Greetings, loyal Westerians! King Robert Baratheon here! I see there were a good many of you out there who didn't want me to drag you to my dungeons, there to be chained to thy vile remote controls, heh heh! In any case, you obviously got the hint --- so much so, in fact, that HBO has already declared Game of Thrones to be on for a full second season! Huzzah! Gina Belifante in the New York Times did not so much as review my show as grumble about it; no fanboy, she, I fear. Then again, maybe her kind is too snooty for the likes of Dragon*Con Atlanta and Comic-Con International.

Anywho, consider yourselves lucky that you yourselves chose to kneel before the Iron Throne, where sits the new sexiest guy on HBO --- me! Do tune in this Sunday, won't you? Lotsa headbashing, lotsa sexy people, ONE very sexy King! What more could you sillies want? Cheers!