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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some Rainy-Day Musings for an Otherwise Boisterous Wednesday

Well, having not yet gotten over my passion for Finntroll, I've had Master Richard post an article for Slate Magazine, to be titled Battle for the Trolls. Besides giving folks Finntroll's backstory, the article ponders why their 6-day, 6-stop U.S./Canadian tour, ending tonight at the Toronto Opera House, was all but ignored by everyone else save those with an in-the-know passion online (that number, of course, includes yours truly).

I fail to understand what makes more elements of the media important than others. What big stories are better than little stories? Who has the sensibilities as opposed to the really big questions about music, electronics, and everything else in general? And what the hell does all this have to do with a band of heavy metal/polka music-makin' Trolls from Helsinki?

Well, barring a few new surprises, let alone a miracle (preferably the latter), I shall have to resign meself to the fact that Finntroll will barely if anything notice that out of all the millions of beings on this planet, one still, small voice --- mine --- dared to stand up for them when no one else, other than Time Out New York Magazine, would.

Then again, Master Richard has been down this very road before. Indeed, 20 years ago this July 19th, he entered the Ziegfeld Theatre on Avenue of the Americas here in New York City --- and had his life changed forever. The movie was Roman Polanski's PIRATES, starring Walter Matthau as the deliciously bizarre Captain Thomas Bartholomew Red. And when Captain Red's adventure in pursuit of the Aztec throne of Kapatec-Anhuac was over, Master Richard's world turned inside out --- and the life's quest that would be his stock in trade would begin. Here, then, was born your Dragonmaster's parent company, Electric Pirates Entertainment, and, thus, its Mission Statement:

"To seek out the weird, the wild, and the misunderstood in all facets of the entertainment community........"

A noble Quest, at best. Since then, from time to time, Master Richard has often asked whether or not it's all made a difference. I, for one, would say that it has: how do you think, lad, I ended up befriending ol' Poopstar? And why, even now, am I battling dum-dum ol' Ryan Seacrest for the right to maintain cool on this Planet?

In the interim, I've made many friends besides Triumph --- from Thor the Barbarian to Merdwin the Mediocre --- and, by Merlin's beard, they've all done their darnedest to make this foolish old beetlehead very, very happy indeed. And, in that respect, I can only say thank you, each and all. (Now if only I could find a way to bust all those durn'd typographical errors! Heh-heh!)

Master Blackwolf