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Monday, February 05, 2007

Grumble, Puke and Trip and Fall

Look, Mortals, I shan't lie to you: I've had a really shitty weekend! Not to mention dealing with the Super Bowl and having to hear it according to boring ol' bloomin' Marv Albert, I've been choking, hacking and coughing so much I barely know what kind of taste I've got in me bloomin' mouth! But that's not eounght to prevent your Dragonmaster from his Monday morning grumblies! Bottom line: no more two days off! It only creates more problems than it solves, and -- especially in freezingly harsh conditions like those my city is suffering today, ah, let's get real here, folks: I have got so much whatever in me mouth I've had to resort to taking Halls Mentho-lyptus just to get the bad taste out of me mouth to begin with!

Long point short, I've had a lousy weekend, my fingers look like they were turned into zombies, and I've been grumbling about making typos!

Anything else you wanna know, Lords and Ladies?

Master Blackwolf