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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sensible Wisdom on the Eve of FDNY Medal Day 2008

Tomorrow morning at 11 am, on the steps of City Hall, the members of the New York City Fire Department will stage their 138th Annual Medal Day Ceremony. Why would this concern your Dragonmaster? you ask. Well, pay attention, that I might give it to ye straight:

We are coming to a crossroads where we are running out of Heroes. The New York Renaissance Faire, the 19 Laurel Kingdoms of the SCA, and the Realms of Darkon notwithstanding, our society no longer practices the virtues of Justice, Honor, Mercy and Compassion. That the FDNY continues to be a beacon in that it instills these values in its personnel is a testament to the way we all used to behave. The mentality of Murder-Death-Kill has become so much of a constant in our Multiverse, particularly in the years before and leading up to 9/11, that more often than not, we are becoming more and more deadened by it. In all areas of our world, that is, save one ---- that belonging to the FDNY.

The original Charter that made our City's Fire Department possible is, in my estimation, one of ye Byg Appyl's most important documents. Medal Day is a holiday that allows us to look closer at what that Charter represents. Those who commit themselves to saving the lives of others are what Medal Day celebrates at face value, but in the end, the ceremony reminds us as well that there's something else that comes into play, too --- humanity.

As species Homo sapiens, we battle each and every day to make our lives better and more worth living. No other event keeps us more mindful of this than FDNY Medal Day. Having said all that, I must insist that you Mortals be a part of tomorrow morning's ceremony. Even if you do find the music of the FDNY Emerald Society Bagpipers to be a tad annoying (which, of course, I don't!). In the event that it rains, the festivities will move into the Pace University Gymnasium next door. Frankly, I'm hoping they can get it all in before it does rain; I'm in no mood to infiltrate security on such short notice, for I am no longer as sneaky as I once was. Wizards don't always vanish in a big hurry when they need to, you know.

Anywho, please join your humble Dragonmaster in saluting our brave-hearted New York City Firefighters. They keep our City interesting, they challenge anybody to a damn good guzzle-down session of Budweiser when they damn well wanna --- and, when it comes to kids, their hearts are more sweeter than any other Mortals ye can name! Huzzah! and hurrah!

Master Blackwolf