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Monday, November 07, 2005

Dragonmaster vs. the Exedrin Headache!

When you are as tense as I can be on a Monday, sometimes it can reach a point where you totally lose it. Case in point: this morning on the subway.

A panhandler and his ladyfair, whom I immediately presumed to be completely drunk, spoke to the assembled straphangers --- and had the momunental gall to beg for something as petty as --- I kid ye not! --- a $20 bill!

Needless to say, I exploded in bonkersness, if ye will! A $20 bill?! At eight-bloomin'-thirty inna morning?!?! HOW DARE YOU, SIR! What the hell do ye think we are, a bloody ATM? Are you nuts?

My point, dear goodlies, is that New Yorkers tend to be driven mad by things that simply make no sense. That I should have to subject myself to nonsense like that at 8:30 am in the morning is not only inexcusable, clearly this fool was either stoned or determined to drink his life away, along with that of the woman who was with him! I must ask you, readers of this Diary of Magecraft: if situations arise where matters fall completely beyond your control, find a suitable phone book, and seek professional help!

Not that it matters, but human nature has never changed --- not even in the days when Wizards walked the Earth! 'Tis something to reflect on!

Master Blackwolf