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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making Another Documentary (Or So It Can Be Hoped)!

My good friend Stephen Steinberg and two of his colleagues are in the mood to film your humble Dragonmaster in all his various adventures and activities. The idea, you see, is Stephen wants to make a documentary about me, with a view toward exploring my philosophy, and all that it entails. We're scheduled to start shooting during my first official public appearance for the year, during this Sunday's Easter Promenade on Fifth Avenue. Even after that, I'll have no time to rest 'pon me Wizardly laurels, as the following Monday will kick off Tartanweek in New York, a major part of the celebrations honoring the acheivements of Scottish Americans throughout history.

National Tartan Day, held every April 6th, commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland's version of our own Declaration of Independence. The climax of New York's Tartan Day celebrations is our Tartan Saturday Afternoon Parade, which takes place on April 10th this year. Our Grand Marshal is Alex Fergusson, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, and he'll be leading some 2000 Pipers and Drummers up Avenue of the Americas, from West 44th to West 58th Streets, along with a few Scottish terriers, the famous New York Tartan Army, and the world's largest Caber in a Parade that happens so quickly that by the time you've recovered from all the noise, everyone will either have gone home or gone off to attend the Post-Parade Party. (In other words, my dears, we're talkin' 'blink and you'll miss it!')

So what does all this have to do with people filming a documentary about me? I hear ye asking. Because, frankly, I'm a tad greedy to have what happened to Master Thoth happen to me: namely, to have a movie about me win the Best Documentary Short Academy Award. And, as I've previously stated, I believe you deserve to have 90 minutes worth of me, me, me, me, me. (Yes, even with a blog, I can be vain sometimes.)