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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Missive #470: Dragonmaster 2010 --- A Short Preview

We are now at Missive # 470 in this Diary of Magecraft, and frankly, I'd rather guzzle some Poland Spring than have to put up with the New Year's nonsense. I am particularly dreading February 2nd, 2010. Why? Because on that day, the morning news shows will have 'split episodes,' as they call such things. Today, GMA and the Early Show will monitor world and national news from New York; but the focus on February the Second will be twofold: several teams will head for Punxsutawney, PA, Groundhog Day Capital of the World, where cameras will follow the question (insert rude remarks here!) as to whether or not bloody Phil will see his !@*#^&$ shadow; whereas other folks will be ensconsed at Academy Headquarters in Beverly Hills, where the nominations will be announced for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin (and we will, of course, uphold our tradition here in the Diary of bringing you the full gory details of all the Oscar nominations --- and, as ever, I DO mean ALL of them!). Oh yeah, and then our sports-loving colleagues will be spending the month counting down to the Opening Ceremonies of the 20th Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With any luck, the Vancouver Police Pipes and Drums and the Dowco Group/Triumph Street Pipe Band will attempt to muscle their way into the festivities; as usual, one will expect to overstuff things like they normally do (grumble, grumble!).

As for me, I hope to be hired to do my thing, pose for photos and maybe earn a little bloomin' fame and recognition for meself. If nothing else, it'll be a bloody excuse to get out of my boring house.