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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tartan Saturday Afternoon Wrap-up

Greetings again, Mortals! This entry in my Diary of Magecraft is being scribbled in the Borders bookstore in The Shops at Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center. Why? Because my trusty lap top is with me, and I literally have the thing in my lap as this is being typed in. But I digress.

The 12th Annual Tartan Saturday Afternoon Parade was a rousing success once again, with about 1900 participants in the line of march. Surprisingly, the shortened journey, beginning at West 46th Street and finishing at West 55th Street, took a scant 18 minutes. Imagine: a 10-block Parade practically taking only 18 minutes to make the short trek! What a refreshing idea!

At one point, at the end of the Parade route --- during what Master Richard calls the "Bagpipers' Block Party," thank goodness! --- one of the marchers had to be carted off in an ambulance. I had to assume the fellow had experienced sheer exhaustion while marching. There's a certain stamina that goes with marching in a Parade; as with most things, either you have it or you don't. The trick is knowing when you do have it, and, of course, if you are hale and hearty enough.

But now five of the clock doth loom, my dears, and, as it turned out, it was a sunny, calm afternoon, and the weather was somewhat adequate. I only hope that will be the case when Old Westbury Gardens hosts Clan MacDuff's 50th Anniversary Long Island Scottish Games this Saturday, August 28th! Look for a few extended renditions of "Happy Birthday to You" from Pipe Major Andy McDicken and the Clan Gordon Highlanders of Locust Valley and Lattingtown!

As for your humble Dragonmaster, I may just go out and busk upon the morrow. I hope I won't literally have to fight that imbecile saxophonist; I refuse to involve myself in any form of physical confrontation with that jerko, especially since I'm still doing a documentary about me Wizardly person, currently possessing the working title Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard. I shall try to update you as best I can on the film's status, even as I prepare for next month's AIDS Walk New York. As ever, dearests, stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf