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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2010: Meet the Team!

Well, now that you know what's what concerning the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, you need to know --- at least, I think you do --- that there are a bunch of Mortals working diligently behind the scenes to stimulate you, enchant you, and, as might be yet inevitable, piss you off a skosh or four. Herewith, your introduction to these People with the Power:

BILL MECHANIC and ADAM SHANKMAN, Telecast Producers: This is the first time these guys have produced the show. Bill is Chairman and CEO of Pandemonium Films and was previously the man at the top of Fox Filmed Entertainment. Adam had been in the Oscar show as a dancer in time of yore; lately you might have seen the movies he's directed: The Wedding Planner, A Walk to Remember, Hairspray, and most recently, Bedtime Stories.

HAMISH HAMILTON, Telecast Director: Hamish is also a first-timer in the realm of things Oscar, having come to the party mere weeks after directing the Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show, starring The Who.

DAVID ROCKWELL, Production Designer: David shaped the awesome look for last year's Academy Awards telecast; pieces of the results of David's work may be found on YouTube. Besides, David will be quite at home, in a sense, for his company, The Rockwell Group, created the Kodak Theatre!

MARC SHAIMAN, Music Director: This veteran composer-conductor is a five-time Oscar nominee who has also earned four Emmy nominations, three of which were in connection with his contributions to the Oscar telecast.

MICHAEL B. SELIGMAN, Supervising Producer: Michael marks his 33rd year working with the Academy. This super-talented specialist, with over 300 major live events to his credit, is next scheduled to executive produce the return of "Stand Up 2 Cancer."

DANETTE HERMAN, Coordinating Producer: Danette has served the Oscar show in various capacities over the last three decades, making sure that every telecast tries to go like clockwork --- if it can.

STEVE MARTIN and ALEC BALDWIN, Hosts: Well, your Dragonmaster could talk about Steve and Alec all day, but I won't, except to say that, like the rest of you, I'm aquiver to learn what they'll say in that damn opening monologue!

Well, those are the people you WILL deal with on Oscar Night. A simple word of advice: Be nice to them all. Or else.