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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blackwolf's Annual "Big Game" Rant!

As I do every year, Mortals, your humble Dragonmaster herewith requests that these local TV and video stores please stop with the timidity routine and say that they cannot contractually use the terms "Super Bowl" and/or "March Madness" for the simple reason that both terms are, by and large, registered trademarks. It continues to astound me as to why both events are, by tradition, referred to as simply "the Big Game."

Look, kids, let's just tell ourselves the truth here: Super Bowl XLII is neither big, nor is it specifically a game. What it is is the 42nd Annual Championship Game of the National Football League; and, quite frankly, I really don't care if you think I ought to be rapped in the mouth for simply uttering these simple facts. Same story with March Madness; what that one is, of course, is the NCAA Division 1 Men's College Basketball Championship Tournament. Happily, there is now an official page for the sign-off song for CBS Sports' coverage of the latter: David Barrett's, the purpose of which is ostensibly to tell the story of how the song was written, why we can't stop loving it, and so forth.

Dearies, you can call ol' Blackwolf a bump on a log all you want; I just think I'm battling, as I always do, to stay one step atop the world even as the remainder of the Planet is losing its collective heads! It's a harsh existence, but I keep battling with it every day because no other Wizard can do this every day, much less step back and take a good, long, harsh look at ye Big Picture!

Gotta go, dearies. 'Tis time for my online colleague, Old Man Fiddler, to post his February Fiddlers' Calendar; and clearly the old goat needs my help!

Master Blackwolf