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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh, twaddle! For once, a few decent remarks!

Well, now that we've successfully finished off Blackwolf @ the Oscars, it's time to resume the normal weirdness of this ol' Diary of Magecraft! Look, I've been offline for 2 days due to inclement weather, by Merlin's beard! You think I like being bloomin' Nanook of the North, eh what?

Frankly, I've had my fill of the winter's chill! I'm tired of being the coldest Wizard in New York City! I always said I'd like to do something that will hopefully take me away from my online duties; unfortunately, it's now too close to St. Patrick's Day for me to attempt otherwise. Not that it matters, but let's face it, I am trying to concentrate on this upcoming wedding gig I'm supposed to be doing in Jersey City, NJ. All I can properly report is that my Official Rock Band, Lordi, will be taking over Anaheim, CA's House of Blues a few days from now, as The Arockalypse hits The End Records and! Oh, I'm so happy they'll be finally here! May 5th and 6th, though, Lordi joins the Bamboozle @ the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ --- the closest they'll be to ye Byg Appyl --- and Finntroll had to bloomin' settle fer B.B. King's @ Times Square!

Well, anywho, I need to quit it now, as exhaustion and boredom are me lot for the next couple days. I just hope that things will start to warm up later this weekend!

Master Blackwolf