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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Master Blackwolf on: Being Asked to Do the Unexpected!

There are those Mortals, I think, who repeatedly have it against the little guy, who wants only little more than to connect with the outside world. To do so in places other than where I am now, well, let's put it this way: you know how it is when people have to do their job as usual --- and then, must confront rather silly nonsense like having to tell one to go home. At nearly 10 a.m.? Really!

Y'know, I can understand when people make false and misleading statements about a Wizard such as myself, who often battles to remain as silent as a churchmouse. And yet it's the churchmouse who in the end must suffer.

There are at least one or two amongst you out there who would seek to see to it that I remain among the have-nots, the culprits in question being those who, for various reasons, don't want me to have access to you, be it through this, my Diary of Magecraft, or my Dark Chambers website, or, the and still under re-construction Uncle Fergus sites. While I appreciate your kind words concerning these places, I advise you all herewith: I don't intend to offend you, but I cannot abide those who would make rude remarks about me. Please do not do so unless you wish to approach me with such complaints in a way whereby we can discuss them in a manner that's both civilized and amiable.

And interrupting me chain of thought is likewise a no-no. I've done all me best to give me all to you, but I can't do my job if there are those who are, whatever the reason, offended by my ability to do that job --- fearlessly and responsibly. Having said that, I must now very likely seek out an alternative means to do my job without arousing distraction. In a place such as New York, such a quest tends to be often difficult and, from time to time, dangerous to do. I battle day in and day out to maintain my job like a noble-hearted soul; after all, the High Istari did not send your Dragonmaster here to this dimension, that I might be humiliated in such a fashion, thank you very much.

Now, assuming the sillies at Google,'s parent company, stop changing me password, let's have a decent day today; and maybe, just maybe, we can get back to doing me blarsted job as I would wish to do it. I do hope we're clear on this.

Master Blackwolf