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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2007: The Last Post of Sanity

Well, Mortals, with 72 hours to go before Oscar Night, these shall be my last sane pots hither in the ol' Diary of Magecraft. Just so you goodly gentles get the message, the minute Louis J. Horvitz starts those cameras rolling this Sunday night, your Dragonmaster shall be reduced to the status of a mere zombie. But have no fears, dearies, for I have survived the slings and arrows of post-Oscar stress disorder, as I call it, many times in the past. You may rest assured that I shall do so again.

Firstly, though, I found this in this morning's am New York: "Unlike you, I actually respect the audience at home and I don't believe in lying to them." Thus, American Idol's very own Simon Cowell, during yet another war of the words with my eternal and icky-poo enemy Ryan Seacrest, who once more complains of Simon's overly negative attitude. I find those words curious at best and condescending at worst. If, dear Simon, you actually did respect the viewers out there, I am forced to wonder: How many more celebrities and wannabe superstars will it take before we find ourselves witnessing the decline and fall of American popular entertainment? I remember so well when I thought that entertaining an audience could prove so promising. But since this year's Oscar nominations were announced, I fear I just don't know anymore.

We have lost the ability to captivate our worldwide audience of millions, be it on television, on radio, in books and other printed media, or in motion pictures. When Thor the Barbarian, Merdwin the Mediocre, the Naked Cowboy, Master Thoth and myself took on the status of so-called "street performers" during the years wherein we each began in this business, one of the first things we decided was that we needed to make the commitment to be nice to our various listeners. Even now, in 2007 Mortal-reckoning, we continue to hold fast to that commitment. And see you where it has gotten us: Each of us have found more degrees of happiness in our respective lives and careers than we could ever have hoped to imagine possible! Those in Hollywood, alas, have not completely held firm to that commitment. The old-timers appreciate the commitment, yet they do so in silence; those who say that they've made the commitment are lying to you (never trust them!); and as for the so-called future superstars --- pray, get me not started! They couldn't commit to Comic Relief, much less commit to being nice to people.

There. Now you know. And I hope there will be plenty of lessons to take from Sunday night's Academy Awards. If not, as ever, I know not what to tell ya. Anywho, Episode One in the full 5-part saga of Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2007 shall be posted hither on Monday. Be there!

Master Blackwolf