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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Defending a Fellow Champion of the Imagination: The Naked Cowboy

Oh, look what your Dragonmaster found in the letters column of this morning's amNew York:

From Bunny Abraham, of Manhattan:

"There's a picture in yesterday's edition of amNew York ('Underwear in the Underground') of a man fully dressed put without his pants (Horrors!) and it says that the police are detaininig him. Has anyone taken a look at the naked cowboy strutting around Times Square lately? Now THAT is repulsive. He should have been taken away a long time ago..."

Bunny, my dear, at the risk of sounding family-unfriendly: You leave my buddy the Naked Cowboy alone!

If, dear lady, you had had the good sense to visit, you would find that there is far more to Robert John Burck than that which lurks 'neath those tighty-whities of his! Try as you might --- and believe me, your Dragonmaster has tried --- there is no escaping his theme song: "I'm the Naked Cowboy, comin' to a town near you...." Besides, if you visited ol' Naked's pages, you'd discover an inspiring personal story behind the legend.

And I've told the rest of you Mortals more times than I've cared to count, the Naked Cowboy, Master Thoth, Ryleh the Wanderer, Sir Clisto Seversword, Thor the Barbarian and myself belong to a select community. We are eccentrics, dammit! What's more, because we are eccentrics, we have little or no respect for the status quo. We are heirs to the legacy given to us by the greatest eccentric of them all, beloved and glorious Moondog, alias Louis Thomas Hardin (Born in Marysville, Kansas, 26th May 1916; Died in Recklinghausen, Germany, 8th September 1999). I once paid ol' Moondog an honorable tribute in my Dark Chambers website; I've a mind to post that tribute thither again, for the benefit of ye dimwits what just don't get it!

If you don't like how we think or express ourselves, then I must ask you to depart our sandbox. Now.

(English translation: "Nyahh-nyahh, nyahh-nyahh-nyahh!")

The point, kids, is that we don't care what you think. We have taken our beliefs to the 'net because they provide us with the sanctuary that we would not otherwise have were we to put up with complaints like Bunny Abraham's.

In other words, goodly gentles --- we're here to stay. Deal with it!

Master Blackwolf