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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Planet......

And whilst your Dragonmaster is going on and kvetching himself silly about all these things, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, our favorite Finnish fiends (and your Dragonmaster's Official Rock Band!), Lordi, will be spending their Halloween Night in London, at the magnificent Forum. It'll be the conclusion of the Rovaniemi-based metal demons' first-ever U.K. tour, where Lordi himself, along with his mates Kita, Amen, Awa and Ox, did Robin Hood Country, alias Nottinghamshire, at Rock City; then two Academy gigs in Birmingham and Manchester; then a stopover in bonnie Scotland at the Carling Academy of Glasgow!

No doubt there'll be choruses of Lordi's big hits The Devil is a Loser, Would You Love a Monsterman?, the Eurovision-winning Hard Rock Hallelujah! and Lordi's latest single, Who's Your Daddy? As I said at the parent Dark Chambers website: "Good going, Lordi and fiends! Now, do be good monsters and make the USA next on your invasion itinerary, won't you?"

Master Blackwolf

Pre-Halloween Parade Thoughts and Concerns

Look, Mortals, I shan't lie to you: your Dragonmaster is in a bit of snitter --- the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is partially why. Harken ye, then, to the details:

Next Tuesday, as you Mortals know, is the aforenoted Halloween. I got a lot to kvetch about, so listen up: First, there's the little matter of dresing meself in the full costume. Even before I do that, I gotta put together a strictly black "bodysuit" that will completely conceal my civilan regalia, which I might have to wear in case it gets really cold. As if that's not bad enough, I gotta be in costume and in character for all of 24 hours. The daytime hours will be especially crucial, as I ahve no wish to really make a scene until at least the late afternoon. Hopefully, the good folks at the Apple Store Soho, where I sometimes spend my mornings, will be in enough of the Halloween spirit to at the very least tolerate your Dragonmaster's presence. (I have heard that the Conan Star Wars Nerds clip is a favorite thing to download at the Apple Store, so I am comforted by the fact that at least one or two of their employees are familiar with Blackwolf the Dragonmaster.)

The fact that I will, hopefully, be able to do this at all will give me a chance to, if all is allowed to happen as I would wish it to, proceed from the Apple Store Soho straight to Washington Square Park, where I can then kill some time before the start of the Children's Village Halloween Parade, led as always by the members of the NYU Pipes & Drums, Brian Meagher, Pipe Major/Senior Instructor; and the NYU Cheerleaders and the Wildcat Mascot! The idea, in case you don't know, is that the kids march in a full circle around the entire block of Washington Square Park, beginning and ending at the Washington Memorial Gateway Arch; then, afterwards, we gather in front of the Garibaldi statue, where there are candy, brochures, musical surprises, a few speeches, photo ops, etc. --- and all this is done, of course, because Halloween this year falls on a 'school night;' which means that some of the wee trick-or-treaters must go to bed early. (Lots of Dragons for the mto dream about, I hope!)

Meanwhile, the rest of us ---- that would be the more dangerously-living amongst us Mortals (and us Wizards!) ---- get to take on the challenge of being in on the big Halloween Parade (that's the one with the huge, weird puppets, political and assorted other agendae, and the rather ribald stuff!). By the time all is said and done (again, I hope!), it'll be 2 inna morning --- and I'll have at least four hours of sleep before I can return to civilian life like a decent New Yorker!

Still, it's going to be quite a challenge. I only hope I don't get kicked out on me ear.

Master Blackwolf