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Monday, March 20, 2006

An Audience with King Henry VIII

Recently, goodly gentles, I had the good sense to stumble, as I usually do, onto a Royal Website! Huzzah! Now, your fearless Dragonmaster has stumbled onto these kinds of homepages before --- but when it's no less than His Majesty, King Henry VIII of England running the show, well, needless to say, there be one rule to which all must adhere:

Pray, enjoy thyselves, if thou wouldst value thy head!

Cleverly disguised as one Ray Irving, and basing his Kingdom out of Lancashire, England, His Majesty's pages, at, are delightful, puzzling, challenging, educational, and filled with laughter --- just like the real King Henry VIII himself!

King Henry's pages are so delicious that the BBC's Going Out: Lancashire was able to secure an interview with the Monarch; again, please check it out, or risk the Royal Displeasure! And now that he knows about your Dragonmaster, and has linked to my Dark Chambers, 'twould not surprise this foolish old beetlehead if there were one or two Londoners wanting to know all me Wizardly secrets! Ah, me. This is what I get for being New York's Unofficial Wizard --- ya can't live with being a cult figure; ya can't live without being a cult figure. Nevertheless, I intend to spread the word about; methinks this King has got something thither! Huzzah! and hurrah!

Master Blackwolf