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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fox Rules World! Again!


Rum pum, rum pum, brrrrrrrrrrrr, rum pum! Dan da da da, dan dan dan dan dan, dan da da da da, dan da da, dan da da, dan da da da! Aah aah aah aaaaaaaah (Dan da da da!), aah aah aah aaaaaaaaaah (Dan da da da!), aah aah aah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (Dan da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!)

Well, Mortals, the big story over at The Wall Street Journal pretty much says it all: A century of Bancroft family ownership at Dow Jones & Co. is over. And once more, we see why it is Rupert's world. We, who are mere Mortals (including yours truly, a mere Mage), simply live hither.

Sumner Redstone's firing of Tom Cruise was, in the end, no more than simply a hissy fit. The old coot's Quest for immortality notwithstanding, my dear, the time has come to accept that which you and I both know, and that is: you will never stop Fox! I cannot begin to tell you how many times the world has tried, but let's face it, darlings. Fox rules world. Period. From The Simpsons to American Idol, from 24 to House, from Cops to America's Most Wanted, from Fox News to Fox Sports, from Fox Studios Australia, Fox Studios Baja California Norte and Fox Studios Los Angeles to Blue Sky Studios/Fox Animation, from Fox Films, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and the just-formed Fox Atomic to that loser of a would-be network, MyNetwork TV, and, needless to say, ye Byg Appyl's own Fox 5 ---- believe me when I tell you, no one will stop Fox!

Why, then, does your humble Dragonmaster wax poetic about Rupert in this way, I sense you goodlies asking? Well, the only sensible way whereby I can asnwer that question is to say to you that millionaires are powerful. I have learned to accept that and move on; indeed, when the High Istari dispatched me hither to New York, one of the first things they warned me about was the behavior of millionaires! How, ultimately, would I be able to cope? The answer, as time has since proved, is that one cannot properly cope unless one examines Da Big Picsha!

In this case, Mortals, Da Big Picsha is, as I said, that power is the one constant in the Multiverse. One must accept it, move on, and then just plain let go ---- and, that, my dears, is what I intend to do here.

Having said all that, please join your Dragonmaster in declaring Rupert ...... DA WINNA!!!!!!!!!

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Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf