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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Previewing the Halloween Parade

Ah yes! The 31st Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade! What a joy that experience is --- because you never know who or what you encounter, especially when you're in costume and in the line of march!
For the last two years, it has been my pleasure to be in on Washington Square Park's delightful short version of the main Parade, created for the benefit of the younger would-be ghouls and goblins who otherwise would be more than willing to try to stay up past their bedtime. Led by the New York University Pipes and Drums, whose members are recognized by their distinctive purple bagpipes, the wee ghosties and their parents march in a complete circle around the Park, and then are invited to partake of several goodies, chocolate treats and the like, before they must go beddie-bye at the end of the day.
As for the night itself --- ah! hither lieth the heart of the magic!
Being in the line of march and encountering strange and bizarrely dressed Humans from the four corners of the Tri-state Area is more deliciously ticklish than one would normally percieve. Besides, where else do I get the chance to schmooze with Wizards who are not necessarily in league with the Forces of Goodness --- and yet are nice enough to treat ol' Blackwolf as one of their own? Oh joy! This year, Halloween Night falleth on a Sunday; and the High Istari, my seven Wizardly bosses, are most anxious that this old goat of a Mage renew his Pledge of Honour unto them.
I had to speak the Oath on the very first day that I was given the title of Dragonmaster. That Oath reads as follows:
"I, Padraig of Abbeyleix, son of Saemus the Strong --- he who is called Blackwolf --- do boldly pledge the honour and fealty of the Grand High Istari; and, accordingly with their traditions, I swear from this time henceforth, now and forever, that, in taking upon this day the mantle and responsibilities of Dragonmaster, I shall represent them, and all our fellows from the four corners of Wizard-kind. I shall remain duty honour-bound, and I shall fulfill any and all promises by whence I am made to abide. These things which I have hither promised, so henceforth shall I keep."
Each All Hallow's Eve, I have had to take longer hours just remembering those words; the more I do, the more ancient my ways tend to be. But that's what happens when you're New York City's first and only Unofficial Wizard: you struggle, and fight, and then fight again until you can't battle anymore. But no one else is willing to carry on the battle, much less possess the chutzpah, so I'm the chosen!
And that's what makes being in on the Halloween Parade so much fun! And anyway, they've been nice enough to invite those who visit their webpages --- --- to pay my Dark Chambers pages a visit in return!
And if you'd like to, let me remind you of the shorter URL, as I'm in no mood right now to share the long version:
Do come thither, and enjoy.

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf

A Brief Missive for His Oceanic Majesty, King Neptune

Greetings, Milord Neptunus!
Well, this is fun for you, isn't it? Humiliating this foolish old Wizard, eh what?
For those of you Mortals just looking in to this Diary of Magecraft, a few words of explanation are in order:
Two years ago, King Neptune and I made a wager concerning the World Series. The New York Yankees ( were up against those dratted Florida Marlins ( at the time, and the deal we made was as follows: were the Marlins to win in seven games, I would be forced to surrender the will of all of Mortalkind, as well as control of all the Planet's oceans, to King Neptune. On the other hand, if the Yanks won, Neptune would have to wear a Yankee cap for a season.
Well, last night, the Yankees were humiliated in their own Stadium for the second consecutive year --- this time, by their longtime hated rivals, those bastards, the Boston Red Sox.
So now, I have to once more bow before Neptune's throne and listen to His Oceanic Majesty gloat in me Wizardly face. I think he loves to see the son of Saemus the Strong suffer!
Master Richard, my Mortal-born alter ego, on the other hand, has more fire in his eyes for these next few hours than ever before..... that fire saying to any who would dare approach him, "Mess with me and die." That is why I must keep his anger in check until such time as this blows over; and I know not when that will be.
So now, O Neptunus Rex, I stand before you, once more humbled. But know you this: 'tis not for nothing that I am called Dragonmaster! The bard the Mortals know as Billy Joel wrote it best:
"I've lived long enough to have learned/The closer you get to the fire, the more you'll get burned....." Methinks Your Majesty can figure the rest of it out from thither.....

Well, anyway, more to scribble next time.

Until then, I remain, as ever,

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf