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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Thoughts and a Kringle Website Way Beyond Long Overdue!

OK, Mortals, there's much for your humble Dragonmaster to get out of his Wizardly brain, so be a dear and pay attention:

Despite a semi-torrential rainstorm --- the equivalent of a migraine on the part of Mother Nature --- I have sent Their Most Sovereign and Imperial Majesties Emperor Antonius Monteleone and Empress Anne Tique a farewell missive, wherein I salute their spectacular year as Monarchs of the Imperial Court of New York. This Saturday night, as you know, the 24th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns Charity Ball, Dinner Dance and Silent Auction, benefitting God's Love We Deliver and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, will transform the Broadway Ballroom of Times Square's Marriott Marquis Hotel into a remarkably fabulous rainbow of stuff, culminating at midnight with the Coronation of Emperor XIX Jack (Johannes) and Empress XXIV Farrah Moans. I, alas, shall be there in spirit only, in that, as it's a Saturday night, I gotta get my Cops/AMW fix for the week. I shall, however, greet Jack and Farrah in person at the Easter Promenade on Fifth Avenue.

Lately, I've been waxing poetic about King Henry the Red and the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Shiabruck. From his lofty and very comfortable Royal Throne in his rather large Palace, King Henry rules the lands of Owosso, Michigan for as far as he can see in all directions. The Shiabruck Medieval Reenactment Association, to give the Kingdom its official name, is dedicated to the historical preservation and reenactment of a typical medieval community. There's lots to do in His Majesty's Realm --- and I should know, for your humble Dragonmaster happens to be Royal Ambassador to the Shiabruckian Court (a rather precise and profound gig, if I do say so myself!). The mailing address, if thou wouldst dain to greet the King ye slow way, is 120 South Oak Street, Owosso, MI 48867; the e-mail address (the preferred e-mail address, mind ye!) is His Majesty is always happy to hear from those who would know more about his Kingdom!

Well, kids, it's taken them 52 years to get with the program, but now, at last, the ultimate celebration of Christmas in July, the World Santa Claus Congress, held on the grounds of Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park, located in Klampenbourg, Denmark, near Copenhagen, FINALLY has a website all its own! At, first-time visitors to the event will get an overview of the 3-day festival, scheduled this year for July 19th, 20th and 21st, along with what happens there, the history of the event, AND a full schedule of the activities to be in on! The Congress features Santas from some 15 countries; besides the host nation, Denmark, there are Kringles from Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Holland, Hong Kong, El Salvador and Germany. Representing the U.S. at the Congress is Washington, D.C.'s own Doug Gowin, who has photos of his adventures at Bakken on his Facebook page.

The highlight of the Congress is the selection by the event's organizers, the Bakken staff and the Danish Santa Claus Guild, of the "Santa Claus of the Year." This honorific is presented to a prominent Danish individual, be he or she celebrity, businessperson, civic activist, or even a member of the Danish Royal Family, who has demonstrated positive values and committed himself/herself to doing good works over the preceding 12 months. Believe me, that's an honor which clearly is not to be taken lightly!

Well, methinks I've spoken enough here. Methinks I'd best get ready for Thursday. They're saying it'll be another nice day, and I can't wait to get back out there and do me thing! Yesssssss!