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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Making some words happen!

It was my privilege yesterday to be a part of an historic multimedia adventure: The Dialogue Project!

Artist/sculptor Mike Garibaldi has taken nine 7 X 8-foot free-standing screens, and splattered them with thousands of inspiring, insightful quotations from all across the epicenter of Mankind's history, covering 18 specific topics. There's also a table with blank books, where visitors can leave their own kernels of wisdom --- needless to say, your Dragonmaster did precisely that! --- for others to check out. Selected quotes from those books will likewise find their way into the website so viewers in the cities where the Tour is currently in progress can read those particular words.

Over the next 2 years, the Dialogue Project will journey across both coasts of the U.S., and when the initial phase of the Tour ends, the Project will have reached over 200,000 people, and over a thousand quotes will be added to the Third Edition book by the time the accompanying documentary film is released next year. Dialogue and its companion site, will have all the additional information, as well as the reasons Mike is taking this epic Quest on.

Meanwhile, I think I need to lie down for this day. I think I may have busted up me brain! Anyway, tomorrow I shall resume my observations on the Eurovision-winning weirdos from Santa's capital city of Rovaniemi, Finland --- Lordi, whose blowaway single Hard Rock Hallelujah will be unleashed worldwide on June 6th. Stay ye tun'd!

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