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Monday, September 20, 2004

Of Pirates, Ivan, Her Majesty Elizabeth I and Sterling Forest

OK, so I didn't get to really celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with everyone else (even if the Official Talk Like a Pirate Day Homepage,, remains in vogue), but Sterling Forest 2004 --- at least, the day that I spent there --- was deliciously transforming, thanks, needless to say, to Her Majesty, Elizabeth I, Queen of all England!

The New York Renaissance Faire Sterling Forest ( had it all, my dears: beginning with my first immediate glimpse of Her Majesty. There she was, singing with those venerable Crimson Pirates (, demonstrating that not only is she terrific when it comes to swordplay --- she's also an excellent vocalist, as well! Afterwards, I was invited by the Queen to listen to the Royal Madrigals croon a few tunes at two of the clock. Needless to say, I graciously accepted the invitation.

What a merry quintet Her Majesty led: Lecrizia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara; Sir Francis Walsingham, Royal Spymaster; Lady Kate Ashley, Mistress of the Privy Purse; and Yorick the Court Jester! Their expertise as wizards of a cappella had me smiling throughout their performance. Afterwards, I presented Her Majesty with a simple token of affection: "To Her Majesty the Queen. As ever, Your most humble servant, Master Blackwolf." The Queen was so deliciously pleased, she granted me the boon of kissing the Royal Hand! Proud I am to say that that was, perhaps, amomg me more wonderful moments. Perhaps, after causing the folks at the grounds to shut the Realm down for at least a day or so, that vile Hurricane Ivan didst teach this old goat a lesson or two about waiting a day for things. I admit that I am a tad impulsive, but when you're 4800 or so years old, you start to learn a few things about living la vida loca that you knew not as a part of thy lives. But I begin to ramble.

Almost all me old friends (and one or two new friends) were nice enough to greet me; I took particular delight upon seeing Lord and Lady Locksley (that would be Robin Hood and Maid Marian Fitzwalter) and Little John together. They took delight in return when I named the three of them Sherwood Forest's three greatest butte-kyckers! What a joyous laugh we all shared! Huzzah!

The highlight of the late afternoon, however, had to be my encounter with Allan-a-Dale, the Locksleys' faithful Minstrel. Allan immediately recognized me, and invited me to sit down next to him. I did --- and then I found meself doing something altogether unexpected: I actually dared to sing the blues alongside Allan-a-Dale! Cool! Of course, I had to embarrasingly make up the whole bloomin' song as I went along; would that The April Winchell Show had been there to record the occasion for posterity (those of you who would hear Milady April's multimedia treasures for thyselves are encouraged to do so by accessing The April Winchell Show website,

As always, the greatest difficulty about Sterling Forest is having to leave at the end of the day (sniffle!); as usual, that's the sort of thing that does tend to bring a tear or two to these ancient eyes. Still, there's always me next gig --- The 2004 Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival! Afterwards, I cool me jets until Halloween night, and the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade; and beyond that --- well, who knows? Simply put, these are a few of the things for which your humble Dragonmaster lives.

Which is to say: GOD, I LOVE BEING A WIZARD!

As ever,

Master Blackwolf