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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eccentricities of a Dragonmaster

Happy Mother's Day, me dear Mortal friends!

I'll come straight to the point: Nothing irks me more than people who take eccentrics for granted; New York should have figured that out in 1974, when beloved and glorious Moondog (nee Louis Thomas Hardin) departed ye Byg Appyl for the streets and chambers of Recklinghausen, Germany, where he spent his last 30 years until his death in 1999. Moondog had seen the writing on the wall, as Terry Gilliam's Baron Munchhausen had aeons before: that rapidly, the world was becoming no place for Dreamers like us --- no place for folks who possessed certain peculiarities. Pity that we never figured it all out until the first few years of this current Millennium, when we rediscovered Allan Carr's Can't Stop the Music, wherein we hear the following:

SAMANTHA SIMPSON (VALERIE PERRINE): Y'know something? I don't judge people, I accept them. There isn't a person who breathes who doesn't possess certain peculiarities. As long as he or she isn't hurting anybody, it's all right with me.
RON WHITE (BRUCE JENNER): Yeah, but where do you draw the line?
SAMANTHA: With uptight squares like you!

More and more, post-9/11 and afterwards, it has continued to become apparent to your humble Dragonmaster that New York City has forgotten to laugh at itself --- and I, for one, am sick and tired of having to defend the power of eccentricism on my own, alone. And so, I have chosen eight colleagues who, have, in my estimation, have challenged the impertinent dum-dums who refuse to let a smile be their umbrella, as it were. These eight, along with myself, are heirs to Moondog's legacy because we have something to say --- something that will, I hope, cause most of you to appreciate the ability to imagine --- or, at the very least, permit yourselves to be challenged to dream properly. These, then, are my Champions of the Imagination:

THOR THE BARBARIAN --- even if, these days, he, Muninn his Queen, and young Brandon (Tigerboy) do their particular plundering and pillaging in beautiful downtown Hawley, Pennsylvania, the Burly One is especially dear to me because of the days we did stuff for Thor's old public-access show; I miss those old glory days, by Merlin's beard!
MASTER THOTH --- my beloved old loony in the loincloth, he of those soloperatic prayformances which take us to the Realm of the Lunar-in, where those who are fluent in the language of the Festad rule the Planet wisely. I shall never forget that unexpected Oscar Night when he and Sarah Kernochan came up on that stage to accept that year's Oscar for Best Documentary Short; It's as much a landmark of all my adventures thus far as has been the damn Star Wars Nerds clip.
PATRICK BARNES, THE ODDIST --- better known to most wabbit lovers as the Easter Bunny's fluffy-tailed protector, the Incredible Bunnyman, fighting a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the Bunny Trail Way!
MERDWIN THE MEDIOCRE --- Ever and always the face of our Medieval Festival @ Fort Tryon Park, my Brother Mage has concocted spell after spell from his Schenectady headquarters, which he shares with the Payne Family. And his spiritual capabilities are legendary as well, thanks to Scott's dear parents, Chuck and Debbie!
RYLEH THE WANDERER --- Despite the fact that he has joined the family of Mortals known as rednecks, George Laking (his Mundane disguise) has long kept me abreast, via e-mail, of his latest and strangest adventures.
LORD CLISTO SEVERSWORD --- As I type this, Jake Brunette is battling cancer. Even so, he takes things one day at a time, as do I. That said, I would ask for your prayers for this longtime friend who talked much moral sense into me Wizardly person, and accordingly prevented me from becoming too loose a cannon in the continuing journeys of my adventures online!
THE NAKED COWBOY --- Oh, how I wish I could tell you all how much I (and Thor as well) have shared a fondness for Robert John Burck! Have I not reminded ye again and again that there is much more to his story than simply a man in a Stetson hat and Jockey shorts. I strongly urge you to read his manifesto in full; you will, I hope, discover the story of a man determined to shake his booty ..... and make others happy in so doing!
RAY IRVING, from Chorley, Lancashire, England --- this retired professional schoolteacher has taken his version of the Tudor Dynasty's Byg Kaehunae --- that would be His Majesty, King Henry VIII of Britain --- and forged a legend that has made him rather silly, and ticklish ....... and, more recently, rather bardly. I've read several of Raymond's poems about his adventures both in and out of the royal robes; I am sure that these quattrains will be quite successful in giving you a giggle as well.

Well, there they are --- Master Blackwolf's Champions of the Imagination! As Moondog battled to do in days of yore, we struggle to bring magic, happiness and wisdom back to a world sadly in need of all of the above! Of course, I, too, am one of those Champions, meaning that, yes, this is indeed another shameless plug for me fabulous Dark Chambers website; though I expect I'll get much more publicity for the damn site next Sunday when I make me debut appearance at AIDS Walk New York. Please be kind, though, like so many other of my adventures, I'm not gonna know what I'll be getting myself into; so those of you who've seen me before, please be decent enough to say hello if you wish to greet me in person.

Master Blackwolf