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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anything @ All....

Inertia often sets in, my dears, when one is not completely recovered from having returned to the rat race known as Manhattan from the peace factory that is the New York Renaissance Faire. While I know I'll only be there for just the one day, I know I'll be back on duty at Bethesda Fountain faster than the eye can blink. I have to, you know. I'm Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, dammit! And by Merlin's beard, someone has to take on the challenge of being New York's Unofficial Wizard .... I mean, come on, I take this damn job on 24/7/365 --- and there are days when even I tend to find me Wizardly person pushed beyond the limits of tolerance. Have I not reminded ye, dearies, that whilst motorists have road rage, we Wizards have Mage rage?

I decided today to give this particular entry in me Diary of Magecraft the title "Anything @ All...." because, as I said, Wizards can do or say anything unexpected, regardless of whether the Mage is on the side of Good or Evil. And as I'm sure you Mortals know, it's always wise to expect the unexpected. After having spent 4800-plus years as a professional Wizard, let's face it: When you're dealing with the wonders of New York, you either go with the flow or you start staging your own personal vendetta. I've done far too much of the latter over my many travels.

Why, then, must I kvetch hither? Because, frankly, no one else in ye Byg Appyl is willing to do so. In case I didn't make it clear to you yet, I'm still busy trying to bring my adventures to the big screen; still, there's no one out there, short of the still-open possibility of the goodlies of Happy Madison Productions, who would dare take on Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's First Movie. But I digress.

There's just a lot to scribble on a Tuesday, and there's just so much you wanna get off your chest, you know. But, as always, you may count on ol' Blackwolf to see things through. Besides, as ever, the High Istari warned me there'd be adventures like this.

Master Blackwolf