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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pondering Power Again

The recent situations regarding the American International Group and the apparent collapse of America's economy have forced your humble Dragonmaster to once again consider Lord Voldemort's familiar dictum: "There is neither good nor evil; there is only power, and those too weak to seek it."

What exactly IS power? What exactly constitutes weakness in Humans? Have we become blinded by our thirst to succeed in our world today? No, dearests, these are not easy questions, not even for a Mage. Indeed, there was a time of old when even our Exalted Father Merlin himself was forced into exploring power and the weaknesses of Mortalkind. Personally, I can sense that in one respect, 9/11 and all that happened immediately afterward were but stepping stones that led us all to our current conundrum.

And yet I can't help but wonder if in fact we are too weak for our own good to determine the truth and/or falsity of power. Aye, DC Comics and Marvel Comics may attempt to tell tales of rescuing ourselves from ourselves before we destroy our own kind; what they do not tell you, unfortunately, is how we should go about taking care of ourselves. We are not yet near the end of Barack Obama's first 100 days as our President, and yet already he has been a lightning rod for pros and cons throughout the cosmos. The greatest step that goes with simply holding the title of President of the United States is the mere fact that he who takes on such responsibilities is being asked to to challenge not just himself, but the power inherent within himself as a human being and as a holder of probably the most important office on Earth!

Why, then, has Lord Voldemort suggested that all beings --- Wizard, Muggle, all on Planet Earth --- are too weak to seek out power? Why is it, to date, that no one has yet risen up in rebellion? Has Revolution been somehow rendered invisible? Who's to say, much less determine? In days of yore, I recall, the youth of the world, unsatisfied with what the future held for them, raged 'gainst the dying of the light; now, so many aeons later, there is but mere silence from them. What next for these poor dear unfortunates? Even a Dragonmaster cannot say where the road will take us all. All that can ultimately be said in the end is: eventually we shall all be rescued .... but at what cost?

There's a crucial moment in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: @ World's End where Tia Dalma grimly reminds Will Turner: "For what we want most, there is a cost must be paid in the end." I find myself wondering if we are now in the thick of discovering for ourselves exactly what that cost is.

Of course, that's just your Dragonmaster's viewpoint. As ever, I could be wrong. Accordingly, as always, I wanna know what you think, America. Gimme an e-mail at either or

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