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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

From His Oceanic Majesty, King Neptune:

Greetings, surface-dwellers!

King Neptune here. Boy, did I have a lotta fun this past week, giving you Eastern Seaborders in general, and you New Yorkers in particular, the ultimate water wedgie! (Hee-hee-hee!) 8.5 inches of rainwater in April alone, I hear! They're saying that April is bound to be the wettest month in recent memory! And why is this? you'll be asking yourselves with some degree of impatience. Well, if I get a bang out of one thing, it's drenching Mortals and giving them super-rainstorms. (Oh yeah, did I mention teaching you dum-dums out there to show some respect for the ocean and her resources? I mean, hey, that's why Master Blackwolf was kvetching here the other day about something called --- what was it? The Earth Day Special II, he was talking about?)

Yes, this Sunday is Earth Day, and as much I dislike making the scene and having to play nice with you surface-dwellers, ..... yeah, I, Neptune, King of the Sea, have to do my little bit for the save-our-oceans thing, too. I love Greenpeace, but frankly, they ain't the only game on the Planet, as it were. The Mage of Talisker did, if I recall, mention the Natural Resources Defense Council in his "pitch" for this Earth Day Special II thing. There are also several other global organizations committed to saving the oceans; their names escape me at present.

But I'm guest-blogging in Blackwolf's Diary of Magecraft today because, as has been the case in previous years, I just can't wait to get the old Wizard down here to my Throne Room, so I can gloat in his face again about the Yankees! (Ha ha!) They haven't won the World Series for several years now, and I've been loving every minute they haven't been the Champions! Having said that, I'm looking forward to another glorious October, when once again I get to boast about being large and in charge of both Earth and her oceans! Hey, Dragonmaster: See ya downstairs in a few months! (Hee-hee-hee!)

P.S.: By the way, New Yorkers, just one big underwater question --- have ya had enough, or are ya thirsty for more? Ha ha!!! [Nasty sneer!]

Yours etc.,

Neptunus Rex, King of all the Oceans