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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few things for the Mortals to figure out:

Know these things, Mortals: It's too damn close to the Royal Wedding to keep ye up to date about things; I can only tell you that I spent yesterday listening to Time Warner big boss Jeff Bezos and filmmaking producer Joe Roth, in conversation with Charlie Rose; and, judging by their comments, I would say the industry as we know it is once more forced to contend with a vicious circle.

'Tis the digital dominions versus the unwashed and uncivilized; those among the digitals, I believe, are the ones destined to triumph. And of course, count on ol' Master Blackwolf to keep you in the know as to the continued well-being of the digitals. Content will rule the day --- and the world with it --- as long as there are those who have the means to control a laptop or a PC or whatever.

As for those of my other goodlies: Lordi and fiends, sorry I've been so busy (haven't even had time to check up on ye, dear Monstericans); Lady Gaga, while I look forward to your upcoming HBO concert special from Madison Square Garden, I have not had time to check out your status either. Much too busy trying to bring meself up to speed, let alone planning for AIDS Walk New York!

Meanwhile, dearests, please enjoy your Thursday. I'm now gonna look for photos of meself taken at the Easter Parade! Toodles for the moment!

Master Blackwolf