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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Dragonmaster on his Reasons for Seeking out a Routine Physical

As you know, my loyal fans, I will shortly be seeking out the nearest available apothecary, in pursuit of a routine physical examination. Here's why I've chosen to partner with on this:

There are questions that I am not sure I can properly deal with concerning the state of my well-being.

While I'm able to accept some of the possible symptoms and/or diagnoses, there are chances that I might be unable to accept certain others.

There are those who --- and secretly, this is an issue that's tough for even me to take on --- wonder if, like myself, I'm able to take up these types of behaviors as I would wish to work them out. Not violently, mind you, but with with a steady amount of counseling. (Don't worry, I have always been drug-free, having sworn off all forms of drugs long, long ago!)

Also, there is to be an an upcoming Dr. Phil episode which asks: "Are You Obsessed with Hoarding?"

Are you such a packrat that your home, garage, basement, storage space, attic, etc. are stuffed to the rafters with things that other people would simply throw away?

Do you or someone you know have an extreme collection of one particular thing, such as magazines, books, newspapers or auto parts?

Does the idea of throwing away your prized possessions cause you to feel extreme anxiety and/or guilt? Do you or someone you know hoard items because of their sentimental value --- or do you just wonder 'What if I'll need it someday'?

Is your personal living space so cluttered by piles of your collections that you cannot use it for its intended purpose? Is your spouse and/or other family member(s) so fed up with living in/with your clutter that it's causing serious problems in your relationship?

Does unnecessary clutter create conflicts for you or someone you know?

Those are the questions that Master Richard is often faced with from time to time. Severe Anxiety Disorder is a very serious afflcition, my friends --- and recently, the lad has had cause to wonder if he, too, is a victim of S.A.D. These may prove to be additional reasons for seeking out a routine physical examination; nonetheless, I would once more ask all me fans and associates for your patience, trust and support during what will undoubtedly be a very difficult process.

Master Blackwolf