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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What in thunder is it about Wednesdays being so bloomin' slow?!?!

We Wizards just can't catch a break lately, my friends. I just made a neat discovery last night: In 1988, long before he ever created the force of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Robert Smigel took on the role of existential supervillain The Brainwave, for the Superman 50th Anniversary Special, hosted by Dana Carvey.

I had planned on e-mailing ol' Poopstar to see if he recalled, but I don't think I'll do that. There's just too damn many reasons not to drudge up ancient memories; that's what YouTube is for.

Meanwhile, I wish I could do something to help dear Captain Zorikh recover his lost guitar. I can't stand seeing the Captain lament its loss online! Why, then, am I, a mere Mage, kvetching about it? Maybe I had to worry about Master Richard's well-being some 72 hours ago. Panic attack, you see. Too long a tale to share here; tell you sometime later.

Dammit, today's just expletive deleted slow! No news, no updates, no serious gigs --- no NOTHING! At least, my old friend Myles Pinkney has a new 2008 calendar out, which I purchased last night ---- and, of course, it's jam-packed with pictures of Wizards! Cool! Drool! (Slurp, slurp as well!) Well, I guess tomorrow I'll give me Apple Store Soho pals a break and haul me butt out to Bethesda Fountain. Fair warning to them, though: expect to see ol' Blackwolf in full regalia on Halloween Day. (Look, I gotta have a place to kill some time on Halloween Day!)

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